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At Mead Lodge, all Guest accommodation is situated on the first floor and we do not have lift or chair lift facilities. We regret therefore that Mead Lodge is unsuitable for wheelchair users who are unable to climb the stairs (the fire escape is down the same flight of stairs).


Our Access Statement currently offers:


1 - Signage


(a)  The name of the house is situated to the side and the front of the house and both can be seen from the road.

(b)  Vehicles pulling onto the drive will see the Guest parking area clearly signed ahead.

(c)  There is ample parking space for several cars on the gravelled surface and there will be no or only small commercial vehicles present.

(d)  We assist all Guests with their luggage from the car park when requested.


2 - Entrance


(a)  The Guest main entrance door is within 3 metres (10 feet) of the car park and is accessed up four uncluttered steps measuring 500mm (20”) deep and 150mm (6”) high.

Vehicles can pull right up to the bottom of these steps.

There is also a paved access to the bottom of these steps from the roadside.

(b)  The main entrance has a 200mm (8”) step/threshold and is well lit from above.


3 - Hallway


(a)   The hallway has a smooth travertine (marble type) floor and is  illuminated by 11 x energy efficient down lighters and 2 lamps.

(b)   The reception desk is close to the entrance and there is a chair close by.

(c)   There is a communal cloak/WC within 2 metres (6 feet) of the main entrance.


4 - Stairs


(a)  The foot of the stairs is situated in a straight line and 4.3 meters along the hallway from the main entrance.

(b)  The stairs are of wood construction with no carpeting and have a straight flight of 16 steps measuring 200mm (8”) high.

(c)  The stairs is open plan and well illuminated from above and below and there is a handrail to the right as you ascend.

(d)  The landing is carpeted and all Guest doors are within 2 metres (6.5 feet) of the top of the stairs.

(e)  The landing is lit day and night using 2 x energy efficient down lighters.

(f)   We assist all Guests with their luggage unless denied.


5 - Breakfast room


(a)   The breakfast room is situated on the ground floor and within 2 metres (6.5 feet) of the foot of the stairs and there are no steps.

(b)   The breakfast room has a travertine (marble type) floor and there is fair access to each table.

(c)   The breakfast starter is self serve, but will be waited if required.

(d)   The main course (cooked) and tea, coffee and toast are waited.

(e)   Every table seats 2 (one each side) and the seats do not have arms, but are quality matched items.


6 - Bedrooms


(a)  All Guest bedrooms are situated on the first floor as described earlier and are at the same level as the landing.

(b)  All rooms are well lit and have 2 x ceiling lights controlled by a switch next to the doorway and a bedside light to each bed with touch control (double, king size and super king size doubles have a bedside lamp each side of the bed).

(c)  The ceilings are angled and low at the head of every bed.

(d)  The carpets are light in colour and are 80/20 wool to nylon mix and the walls are easy cleaned colour washed.

(e)   A guest folder containing emergency telephone numbers, the breakfast menu and the Mead Lodge ‘Stay Safe’ information is available in each room. A larger print version is available.

(f)   Emergency ‘in the event of a FIRE’ instructions are displayed on every dressing table.

7 - En-Suites


(a)  All rooms have a private en-suite with shower, basin and WC. Halogen lighting is from above.

(e)  All showers have a safety mat available and advisory signage on its use.

(f)  All showers have a single pivot clear glass door with a large handle for easy opening and shallow trays for easy access. These measure 75mm (3”) in height.

(g)  All shower and basin controls are of the simple single lever type and each operates in exactly the same way and orientation.

(h)  All en-suite floors and walls are tiled in porcelain.

(i)   All WC’s are wall hung and have large wall mounted flushing buttons.

(j)   All en-suites are heated by towel rails and each has a thermostatic control.

(k)  A portable balance assist grab bar is available on request.

(l)   Two en-suites have sliding ‘hideaway’ doors and two have doors that open to the wall for minimal obstruction.


8 - Allergies


(a)  The building is non-smoking throughout.

(b)  No pets are permitted.

(c)  There are no scented flowers in the hallway, bedrooms or breakfast room.

(d)  There are scented air fresheners in the building.

(e)  All pillows are non allergenic

(f)   There is softened water in all en-suites. Extra water for the room kettle can be taken from the en-suit, but advise should be taken if on a low sodium diet. Each room has bottled water for taking medication etc. and bottled water is also available at breakfast in the breakfast room.

(g)  Fresh semi-skimmed milk for tea and coffee in the rooms (flask) is replenished daily.

(h)  Six types of tea, coffee, decaffeinated coffee, drinking chocolate (Highlights), Latte and branded cappuccino is available in the rooms.

(i)  There is a choice of 2 shampoo’s and shower gels in the en-suites.

(j)  Brown or White toast is available at breakfast

(k) Only Eco-Friendly Non-Bio washing detergent is used for bed linen and  towels etc.




8 – Permanent and easily discernable fire alarm system


(a)  There is a full professionally installed fire alarm system in the  building with a sensor and siren in every room.

(b)  The Emergency route is down the stairs (which will be illuminated in the event if a power failure) and through the main entrance door.

The alternative route will be via a ladder through the Guest bedroom windows.


9 - General


(a)  All TV sets have sub-title facility via the handset

(b)  All door handles are round and not of the lever type

(c)  There is a public telephone on the reception desk next to the main entrance which takes all English silver coinage (except 5p pieces).

(d)  The room phone can be used in an Emergency by dialling 0 for the desk. It can also be set as an easy to use early morning call.

(e)  Both wired and wireless internet access is available in all rooms.

(f)   All fruit juices are served in tumblers without stems.

(g)  We love them dearly, but babies and small children are not permitted at Mead Lodge

(h)  For guests with touch difficulties, there is a choice of either packet or dispenser shampoo and shower gel in the en-suite’s.

(i)   A notepad and pen are available in all rooms.

(j)   All rooms have controllable central heating.

(k)  A fan is available in each room.


10 - Noise and Public Transport


(a)  Mead Lodge is situated off the main on a small quiet estate  away from schools and public parks, but is close enough for a walk into town.

(b)  We love them dearly, but babies and small children are not permitted.

(c)  There is a bus stop just yards from Mead Lodge.

(d)  The nearest train station is in Chippenham (approx.4 miles) and the trains run to Bath and beyond and Swindon/London.

(e) There are several local Taxi services.

(f)  The nearest shop is approx. 500 yards away.

(g) The nearest Doctors surgery is 1 mile away

(h) The nearest Hospital is in Chippenham (approx.4 miles)

(i)  The nearest Dentist is 1 mile away

(j)  The nearest Pharmacy is 1 mile away

(k) The nearest Public House is 500 yards away

(l)  The nearest Restaurant is 1 mile away

(m) The nearest Library is 1 mile away

(n)  Pound Arts Centre is approx. 700 yards away

(o)  The Methuen estate is 1 mile away



Directions to any of the above will accompany a phone number or map if required.


Should you decide to stay with us at Mead Lodge, we ask that you help us by advising us of any special needs well in advance of your stay.


Thank you for taking the time to read our Access Statement.


Catherine and Steve Yarworth

 Access Statement  - 2011/12

Mead Lodge B&B Corsham Wilts

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Access Statement

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